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Bonus Bucks

Spend $200 – Get $275
Spend $150 – Get $190
Spend $100 – Get $125
Spend $75 – Get $90
Spend $50 – Get $60
Spend $23 – Get $26

Or get 5 Activity Tickets for $30!

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Fun Depot Special Offers

Student Star Rewards

Earn Fun Bucks for every A & B that you receive – just bring in your report card to Fun Depot within 6 weeks of issue date.

Fundraising Frenzy

Here is a great way to raise money for your school, group, or team. Fun Depot adds a new twist to the word FUNdraising.

FUNd Raising Party Program :: Schedule a FUNd raising party with Fun Depot on Monday or Wednesday. Sell tickets to family & friends. Fun Depot will offer $15 tickets for $7.50 each. The fundraisers can then sell the tickets for $15 each and keep the $7.50 profit per ticket. This program is available only on Monday or Wednesday evening from 4:30 to 8:30pm (cannot be booked on a school holiday). Fun Depot will print tickets with the school or organizations name on them with the date and time. When the ticket holders come to the FUNd Raising Party they will receive a bracelet for 4 hours unlimited Activities which includes only the following activities: Laser Tag and Go-Karts. The date of the Party can only be on either a Monday or Wednesday night and will not be made available during the summer. In order to sell more tickets it is suggested that the organization have a designated person at the door. There is a commitment up front to selling 100 tickets with this program.

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